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Wiring - Ghost, 3 way switch, 2 vol, 2 tones, one ghost vol...

I have been all over the internet and YouTube looking for a single schematic of how to actually wire my Ghost piezo on my 70s Tele Custom. How does this not exist? I have found many questions like mine with no schematics. I see vague references to mags, I seen lines that go through pots, what I do see is the actual schematic.  I want to see exactly how to wire this. I have called tech support twice. I'll create the schematics if needed once I get this worked out for future versions of myself. There should be a detailed LP schematic, Tele schematic and Strat schematic. Between those three you could figure out just about any other iterations. 

Anyone have any info on I how I can finish my project? 

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In the booklet that shows wiring to the the board ther diagram should be color and not black and white. 

The board needs to show which is the neg side, especiall where it pertains to the battery. 

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