Here at Graph Tech, we get asked all the time "what is the difference between TUSQ & TUSQ XL?" or "What exactly is Fossalite?"
Here is a quick run down on the different type of materials we manufacture and why you would choose one over the other.............

TUSQ: Definitely our premium material, both in performance and market presence. TUSQ is typically used on higher end instruments like Taylor, Martin, Gibson etc. TUSQ produces more harmonics in the mid and upper range of the guitars.

Nubone: Nubone is a derivative of TUSQ. It has a lot of the same tonal characteristics as TUSQ. Like all our materials it is completely consistent from piece to piece and within each piece. NuBone amplifies lower fundamental tones and overall volume of stringed instruments. Nubone is used for lower end instruments typically, like Jay Turser, Mahalo Ukulele, Valencia etc.

Fossalite : Fossalite is our newest material. It is extremely hard and it resistant to UV. Fossalite amplifies the lower and mid harmonics of a guitar and other stringed instruments. Fossalite is the same price as TUSQ and another premium material, just a different sound. Fossalite is used on Larrivee Guitars and Walden Guitars.


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