Graph Tech's products are all created to be as easy as possible to install. Which means it is the ideal do-it-yourself project. As a DIY project, installing the ghost System is possible to achieve. Although it takes a little more work that our legacy products, the final result is worth the patience, time and little soldering required. And the benefits? You can get studio quality sound from your electric guitar in either MIDI or Acoustic. And the acoustic sound is authentic because we don't use metal saddles, that inherently sound electric no matter what the software.

What makes the ghost System incomparable with other MIDI or Acousti-phonic units currently available is that we have the fastest, most accurate tracking available with state-of-the-art MIDI converters. As well, the natural compression totally eliminates the dreaded piezo "quack" associated with other systems. The biggest bonus is that you get all the benefits our unparalleled ghost system all wrapped up in a String Saver saddle that dramatically eliminates string breakage and gives you an even balanced tone.

The installation rates higher than our nuts, saddles and bridge pins, but with very little soldering, it is definitely a can-do project for do it yourself-ers like Royalclick. Check out his comprehensive video tutorial below:

So if you're looking to extend the ability of your electric guitar, the ghost System is the product you want. Whether you end up doing it yourself, or leave it up to a professional, it's going to give you more than what was put into it.

Here's a few recent comments on our Facebook and Twitter sites about the ghost System.

"My favourite Graphtech products are the LB63 Floyd Rose replacement, with the while ghost system." @Izprat

"My favorite GraphTech product? Easily the ghost system. The best guitar midi pickup on the planet. Hands down." @_derekjhunt

"I got the ghost system from you.. It works awsome. :o)" Stellan G.

"I have the Ghost system installed on my Schecter 7 string Hellraiser . It was installed about a year ago by Lincoln at Randee's music store in Rockford and waited to see how it worked. I will give it and A+ Not one problem from the entire system" Ryan P.

"Definitely the Hex/Acousti-phonic system! Made my first electric with this system modified to suit a Stetsbar tremolo; the durability and quality of everything in this kit is amazing! Despite my crazy string gauges, the pickups are so forgiving with dynamics, and the gain pot on the acousti-phonic is perfectly responsive, it made my guitar a real winner. Since then I've put graphtech on every guitar I own! Thanks for making the best, most innovative products in the guitar world" Jack S.

We'll change the way you play!