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tremolo unit sub-plate, or body shim

 While I was experimenting with my inventive semi-solid-body electric guitar,

the much greater acoustic response, almost three times bigger than a violin,

created thoughts about spring tension as having aspects of reverb action,

and the dispersion of string and spring vibration from metal to wood,

as the tremolo plate, also chromed, to the wood body, channeled that as a pivot.

That's the pivot point of the bottom of the tremolo plate to the surface of the body.

When I tried aluminum, thinking it was a softer metal and unchromed,

it didn't make much of a difference.

I eventually used this vinyl plastic and it worked, a much softer, more acoustic tone,

and whatever imbalance of resonance that created the typical Strat g-string problem,

was totally gone. Considering the extra harmonic strength of the semi-solid-body,

that's taking all string action into a much wider picking and fretting experience.

I'm here at Graph Tech to ask if I can buy their material to work with that,

seeing it as the only upgrade to my design, if the density is there.

I'm also seeing it as not being as easy to indent after much use.

The first photo shows the two I've made with a 1972 Stratocaster tremolo plate.

The second photo shows how the installation evolved,

after I realized the "tunnel" or "chamber" around the tremolo unit,

acted as a kind of throat for the interior acoustics, allowing a tonal response.

If you can imagine a violin having a hole underneath the bridge,

that you can cover and uncover with your hand, that tonal effect is happening here.

Oh! The "Attach a file" isn't working here.

On You Tube: "semi-solid-body John Watt" a nine minute explanation

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