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Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Upgrades

I just upgraded the nut, saddle and bridge pins on my Epiphone Hummingbird Pro.

I called tech support and was advised to use the following parts:

Bridge Pins; PP-1182-00 They were too large a diameter for the holes in the bridge.   I put the head of the pin in an electric drill and used a piece              sandpaper the length of the pin and was able to use the drill as a lathe and got the pins to an acceptable diameter very quickly. Go slow and check often as not to go too far.

Nut: PQ-6060-00   The E to E was spot on as was the height.  The length               was a bit too long but was sanded to the correct length easily. Dropped right in with a bit of white school glue, perfect fit.

Saddle: PQ-91199-C0   Perfect length. had to take it down quite a bet to get the action correct. Intonation spot on. It does lean a bit forward as I wish it was a bit thicker, but sounds markedly better than the plastic that was in there before.

Hope this helps, take your time and good luck.


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