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Archtop Bridge Base

I installed a new graphtech archtop bridge and found the base much too short. The two footed profile creates an alarming deflection in the guitar top. Is a solid base 150mm long available? A reverse profile thin on center with a raised pillar for the post would be beneficial.....the volume and harmonics are superior in the bridge and the proper base can complete a conversion. I have Graph Tech super tune kits in a variety of forms on five guitars.! Solid and semisolid..... this bridge will cover the next Archtop group if the base is possible!
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Hi Brian

Thanks for your email.   Currently we do not make that long of a base... but, there are a lots of products on the drawing board, as we have had a ton of great response to the new Archtop bridge. 

Which guitar brand and model is your install on?    



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